It’s always a good day when this editor stumbles across Sean Spicier’s timeline and there are a bunch of new screenshots he’s collected of people being mad at him because they’re not smart enough to look for the blue checkmark.

No matter how many times we write about this parody account, and how many different people he fools and ultimately embarrasses, they just keep on coming back for me.

And we say God bless America!

We imagine as we get closer and closer to the Democratic primaries his timeline is only going to get BETTER. This time around his tweets on Kamala Harris, Hillary, Howard Schulz, and supposed hate-crimes caught the attention of his ‘fan club’ … enjoy.

Right? Kamala Harris has LITERALLY some of the dumbest ideas maybe ever.


Dearest Beth didn’t look for that dearest blue checkmark.

This never gets old.

Yikes! Someone needs to cut back on the caffeine and that someone isn’t Spicier.

What a lovely singing voice this guy must have.



And YOU’RE welcome.


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