Most of the NeverTrump movement decided it was better to vote for Trump than have Hillary in 2016, and even those who didn’t vote for Trump and instead voted for the Libertarian (like this editor, true story) have since started doing their best to call balls and strikes when it comes to the president.

Because even if you’re still not a personal fan of Trump, some of the things he has accomplished have been wins not only for the Republican party but for the country as well.

However, there are still about 30 or so members of the NeverTrump clan who have taken their hatred of Trump a step further and seem to be actively working against all Republicans acting as if they are teaching the party a lesson.

@AG_Conservative wrote a pretty spot-on and brutal thread about what remains of the movement:

Just yesterday, Democrats in Virginia tried to push an abortion bill through that would have allowed women to abort babies AFTER THEY HAD BEEN BORN … and there’s ol’ Tom Nichols talking about how Republicans deserve to lose.

Really, dude?


They like to pretend they’re the smartest people in the room and the rest of us country bumpkins just aren’t bright enough to figure out how trashing our own party and supporting abortion-loving, open-borders-pushing Democrats will ultimately save this country.


Boo and yah.

Seems AG just threw down the gauntlet.

In other words, the NeverTrump cult has become exactly what they hated about the MAGA cult.


Awww yes, the ‘Salon Cons’. So-called Conservatives the Left finds acceptable … mainly because they despise their own party most of all.

True story.


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