Jessica Valenti shared a story about how a waitress recognized her while she was out with her eight-year-old daughter that very well could have happened BUT the Left has shared so many stories about WOKE cab drivers, children, vets, and yes, waitresses, Valenti shouldn’t be surprised that people aren’t exactly buying it.

And no, no there are not good things about being a feminist. At least not a modern-day feminist where the main goal is blaming men for all the ills in the world.

But we digress.


Guess she didn’t like the pushback:

Twitter is a sad place sometimes, especially when people like Valenti tweet horrible things and then act shocked when people are horrible.

And there was a young girl wearing an eyepatch in a wheelchair who started singing, ‘Delta Dawn, what’s that flower you have on …’

We thought they’d moved on to pushing woke federal employees but since the government shutdown is over here we are.

No, but in yellow.


And then Susan B. Anthony rose from the grave and thanked Jessica for making a mockery of the feminist movement.

Hey, it could happen.


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