Tom Brokaw REALLY screwed up during an interview with Chuck Todd.

There is just no other way to put it.

Claiming that he has heard from ‘some Republicans’ that they don’t like having brown grandbabies, that Hispanics will ‘all be Democrats’, and should ‘work harder at assimilation’ plus that tidbit about them learning English went over like a lead balloon.

Did we mention he screwed up? And speaking of screwing up, look at this tweet (which we honestly can’t believe is still up) …

Tom broke his tweet portal.


It’s whack, yo.

Why does the TV remote keep posting things online?!


It surely makes Tom seem super sincere in his apology.


That would be AWESOME, but probably not.

These three tweets together actually made this editor LOL. Then again, it could be a lack of coffee but still.

We KNEW it!

Eventually, Twitter breaks us all.

On that note, Happy Monday!


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