Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes ‘workers’ should enjoy more of their own wealth … she just wants to tax the ever-loving snot out of them as well which makes ZERO SENSE. True story, we read a lot of her tweets and some of them are pretty damn confusing because HELLO SO DENSE, but this one is exceptionally bad.

ACTUALLY, the GOP believes people should be paid what they’re worth and are against regulations that cost companies and therefore employees MONEY but we digress.

And maybe AOC should stick to tweeting about stuff she knows … like … well … we’ll think of something.

Silly! The GOP are like vultures and they SWOOP in and steal money from all of the poor people and stuff because capitalism is evil! And then they land so they can kick orphans and the elderly.

Ugh, even making fun of socialism makes this editor’s head hurt.

Or more.

‘Living wage’ ya’ know.

That would be responsible and like other Democrats, AOC wants to stay as far away from telling people to be responsible for their own lives as she can.

She will never get this.

Would someone get out the puppets and crayons?



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