What planet does Alyssa Milano live on? Seriously?

We realize that many on the Left for whatever reason believe people on the right are uptight about cursing and other silly things but in the end, MOST of us don’t really give a crap. Unless you want to tax us for things that aren’t our responsibility to pay for or force your ideas down our throats but cursing … pffft.

Hey, whatever makes Alyssa feel intelligent, and all powerful and stuff, more power to her we guess?

And would someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell Alyssa that snowflake is so 2016? It’s like watching someone’s mom trying to be cool with her tweets at this point.



It’s Twitter. Honestly, we’d be more shocked if she didn’t curse.

Is this like the time Alyssa swore she saw a bunch of Elves on the Shelf giving the Nazi salute? Asking for a friend.

But she SWEARS and that means she’s automatically smart or something.

Don’t look at us like that, we didn’t write it.

This went well.


Sensing a theme. Nobody cares if she curses … they just get tired of the endless sh*tshow that is her timeline.

Sorry, not sorry.


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