If Ana Navarro is TRYING to alienate both Republicans and Democrats (and some Moderates and Independents in between) she’s doing a bang-up job of it. Seriously.

As if pretending to be a Republican wasn’t annoying enough, now she’s trying to lecture Democrats on how to beat Trump because she just hates him so much. Forget putting a Democrat in charge of the country would be a TERRIBLE thing, but her personal issues with the president clearly come first.

This freakin’ woman.


Dear Ana, 

You don’t get to play both sides of the political field and then expect anyone to take you seriously. 


Everyone, even the Democrats

Case in point, Democrats seemed less than impressed with Ana’s tweet:

Pretty damn sanctimonious of her to think she can tell Democrats how to vote, right?


Hey, she said respectfully.

This went really well, Ana.


Democrats can totally have Ana.

We’re just not sure they want her either.


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