CNN has spent so much time writing horrible things about any and every Trump that this editor had to look at this tweet several times and then read the whole entire article twice to make sure this wasn’t a parody or a mistake.

But it’s real.

Perhaps climate change has moved down to Hell and it’s frozen over because WOW, this is almost strange for CNN:

From CNN:

Lara Trump went on to express her appreciation for government workers and empathized with their struggles, saying: “Right now, I know it’s hard. I know people have families, they have bills to pay, they have mortgages, they have rents that are due.”

“But the president is trying every single day to come up with a good solution here, and the reality is, it’s been something that’s gone on for too long and been unaddressed our immigration problem. If we do nothing right now it’s never going to get fixed,” she added.

And yet despite her clear empathy and compassion for those workers affected by the shutdown, members of the media portrayed her as out of touch” while social media users launched more vicious and personal smears. The media mob did to Lara Trump what they did to Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student wearing a Make America Great Again hat who was portrayed as an antagonist when he peacefully smiled and stood his ground after being approached by a Native American man beating a drum. The story was twisted rather than analyzed in its full context, debasing our national discourse.

Admit it, you’re as shocked as we are that this came from CNN.

And so were their readers, although shocked really isn’t the word we’d use. No, they seem TRIGGERED:

These people vote.

Have fun with that, CNN.


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