As Twitchy readers know, the FBI arrested Roger Stone early this morning while CNN cameras just happened to magically BE THERE  to film it all. And as they carted the guy who looks a little bit like the Penguin from the Batman comics away, most of us were wondering one thing …

And Sarah Sanders summed that one thing up perfectly.

When WILL the FBI surround the homes of people we also know made false statements (to the FBI)? Especially Hillary Clinton because that woman is like Teflon, nothing seems to freakin’ stick to her.

Hey, Sarah isn’t defending Stone, she’s just pointing out how seemingly one-sided this all this.

What he said.

The Left is predictably on Benny’s thread screeching ‘Whataboutism’ and calling Sarah all sorts of disgusting and sexist names (it’s sort of their M.O), which tells us Sarah is over the target as usual. And really, this isn’t rocket science, we’ve been hearing about Clinton, Comey, Obama, and other Leftist players for two years now so when we see someone like Roger Stone get nabbed of course we wonder when they’ll get around to the other supposed ‘bad guys’.

That’s not whataboutism, that’s reality.


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