The way the media covers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (including us) can sometimes seem a little brutal. And just when we’re starting to feel a little bit sorry for her, she goes and tweets something like this where she’s calling Glenn Kessler out for his resource.

WHOA boy.

Talk about some clapback that backfired. Would that be CLAPBACK-FIRE? Hrm.

Kessler responded.

Soooo his resource is actually a man who was an economic adviser to Obama.

And a longtime friend of Kessler’s.

Not looking good, AOC.


Alex from the Bronx doubled-down:

The irony of this tweet is almost painful.

As for Fruman being a lobbyist …

Wrong. Oops.

Guy Benson chimed in:

He could have stopped after the word ‘struggling,’ but we digress.


Worked for Obama, not a lobbyist, didn’t know his paper was being used AND the paper wasn’t funded by anyone.

Awesome investigative work here, She Guevara.

She responded this morning and apologized.

Uh huh.


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