If you had told this editor she would spend two weeks writing about shaving cream, shavers, razors, and commercials she’d have thought you were insane. Sure, this is Twitchy and we cover some … well … crazy stuff, but the ‘Men’s Shaving Wars’ could not have been predicted.

For example, Dollar Shave Club had some words of wisdom and support for the men who use their products. They really, really, really, really did.

And dead.


Hey Gillette, maybe stop with the ads attacking men and take a gander at companies like Dollar Shave Club who seem to actually understand their customer. Now, if Gillette is more concerned on appealing to the social justice warrior crowd who doesn’t really shave anyway, more power to them, but most of the time when these companies go woke, they go broke.

Ok, is the same person who runs Wendy’s social media running the Dollar Shave Club’s social media?

Asking for a friend.

We have questions.

You know what, no, no we don’t.

Annnnd we’re done here.


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