As Twitchy readers know, Roger Stone was arrested in the early hours on Friday morning. And lucky us, we all got to witness his dramatic arrest by FBI agents in full garb on video because almost like magic, CNN was front and center recording the action.

Wow, super dramatic, right?

Thank GOODNESS CNN just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the right footage.


Some people are questioning how CNN somehow knew to be at Stone’s home to catch their exclusive footage …

And CNN’s Kaitlan Collins (who covers the White House) answered:

Which seems feasible and if it were any other outlet, people probably wouldn’t think twice about it, but since it’s CNN? *adjusts tinfoil hat*

This is also feasible.

Oh settle down, it’s a joke.

Was it good journalism or a leak?

Or did they figure since it was Roger Stone the cops would show up sooner or later?

You decide.


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