Unless you live under a rock (or don’t really pay any attention to what’s happening in this country and in that case you probably wouldn’t be reading Twitchy in the first place), you know President Trump agreed to open the government on Friday without actually getting much in return from the Democrats. Granted, this editor isn’t really sure what else he could have done when the media refused to cover how many times Democrats voted against paying federal employees and instead focused on blaming the president, but here we are.

And of course, Trump is catching a lot of flack from all sides:

This is fair.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw spoke up and not only defended the president but promised to do his part … and like we said in the headline, damn.

Crenshaw is the bomb. ‘Nuff said.


He did.

Because clearly, Democrats were more than happy to make federal employees suffer knowing the media wouldn’t cover them doing so.

We’re pretty sure Democrats WON’T get away from the border security debate with Crenshaw on that committee.


Just sayin’.


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