Good news, Republicans, Hillary Clinton is telling folks she hasn’t ‘closed the door’ on running in 2020.

This is going to be SO GOOD.

Please, Hillary, run. We at Twitchy would love it. #SoMuchFODDER

Democrats seem less than excited about Grammy talking about throwing her pantsuit into the ring:

Asking a Clinton to put their country ahead of their personal aspirations? Silly Dem.

Atrocious politician.


How hard do you think Trump would laugh if she actually did?

Run Hillary run!


It is SO ON! Rep. Dan Crenshaw called down the THUNDER on Dems keeping their word on border security and DAMN

Respectfully, blow it out your A*S! Ana Navarro tries lecturing Democrats on how to beat Trump and the BACKFIRE is EPIC

Oh SNAP! Brit Hume NAILS how the media would treat AOC if she were a Conservative and the Left just can’t DEAL