Someone’s negatives shot WAY UP during the government shutdown, and it’s not who the media and the Left want you to think it is.

Which is probably why we’re not seeing more about this particular poll.

Nancy Pelosi’s negatives SHOT UP, and oh yeah, she’s the most unpopular politician tested in that survey.

Which is hilarious when you consider how many Tweeps are pretending she somehow ‘won’ in all of this. Nobody won, it was a huge mess for all involved and we’re no closer to being secure than we were before the shutdown. If Democrats see that as a win we have a bigger problem here but that’s another story.

All they care about at this point is dunking on Trump. What is good for the country seems to be irrelevant for many on the Left these days.

Don’t believe us? Look at how people reacted to this poll:

Hey, at least it wasn’t, ‘But Trump.’

So tough.

WELL THEN, if the Minnesota Red Star claims otherwise …

Holy Hell.

Hey, whatever helps these folks sleep better at night.


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