Would appear journalists who were recently laid off from their jobs at Buzzfeed, HuffPost, and others don’t particularly like being told to ‘learn to code,’ even though that was the go-to for many of these same people when coal miners were losing their jobs under Obama.

Learn to code.

If you think about it, it’s not horrible advice BUT for whatever reason, Twitter seems to see this as some sort of targeted harassment. Sure, trolls can threaten people like Dana Loesch all day long but telling a Buzzfeed reporter who lost his gig to learn to code will get you spanked. And not in a good way.

Sounds stupid, right?

Considering Twitter can be stupid it makes perfect sense.


Telling a journalist who is out of a job to learn to code is targeted harassment.

Holy Hell.

This editor has literally been spammed with all SORTS of horrible that Twitter claims is not a TOS violation but telling a journo to learn to code is … FFS.


Aww well then clearly it IS a hate crime.


Granted, they do give us a LOT to write about but … yeah no.

And THOSE people matter!

Most of us at Twitchy can’t even get verified but people are getting locked because they jokingly tell journos to learn to code.

Have we mentioned Twitter is stupid?


So we’re not crazy … told ya’!

Well, this editor may indeed be a little crazy but not about Twitter suspending and or locking people for telling journos to learn to code.

How dumb.


Sounds like Twitter is insisting they are suspending people for targeted harassment and not the phrase, ‘learn to code.’ Granted, they seemingly ignored a bunch of high school kids in MAGA hats getting target harassed just last week but hey … who are we to question?


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