Brian Stelter wanted to make sure everyone knows that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making Conservative men uncomfortable because she’s super powerful and stuff. Apparently, there are no young, Latina, women on the Right so Conservative men are super confused and scared … or something.

Yeah, we know it’s dumb, that’s why we’re making fun of the whole group but ESPECIALLY tater since he basically set the tone for this woman’s ridiculous answer.


Told you this is dumb.

Like nuclear level stupid.

But it is CNN so there’s that.

Maybe they should LEARN TO CODE.


Evil, old, white men are intimidated though by her wokeness and power.


*OMG that almost hurt this editor to write*

People are getting suspended for suggesting laid-off journalists learn to code … so the answer is no, no there is nothing they will not make into a racial issue.

God bless America.

Awww, look Bri, a trophy! #BestHallMonitorEver

How dare this guy!?


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