As Twitchy readers know, apparently laid-off journalists are now a protected class and anyone on Twitter telling them they should learn to code is somehow targeting them for harassment and are officially in violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

No, we’re not even making that up.

So surely Twitter will be suspending HuffPo for THIS tweet … right?

Yeah, RIGHT.

HuffPo does NOT lose their account in 3 … 2 … 1.

*GASP* indeed!

It’s almost like Twitter WANTS people to pick on the journos who have been laid off. What did they THINK would happen if they started treating these people like a protected class? So dumb.

Steller job protecting these folks, Twitter.


Way to go.

Editor’s note: True story, we didn’t want to write the words ‘learn to code’ out in our headline because we were truly worried Twitter would suspend our account. Which is beyond stupid when you think about it but it is Twitter.

Holy Hell.


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