Maybe BuzzFeed editor, Ben Smith, missed it but his outlet has tried (and failed) twice now to push stories they thought would somehow damage the president. That he is at all shocked that Trump would rub salt in their wounds on Twitter is … well … shocking.

Has he not been paying attention?

Wait, don’t answer that.

The people DO want the truth.

Randy Quaid seemed less than concerned or impressed with Ben’s clutched pearls over Trump’s tweet:

‘Like Devil worship?’



Remind us to NEVER tick Randy off. Yikes.

But he’s not necessarily wrong. Ok, so the Devil worship thing is off the charts bizarre BUT the rest of the tweet probably hits a little too close to home for many Leftist journos.

Except for the part about Devil worship …

He did.


Would appear several people agree with Cousin Eddie.

And no Devil worship!

That we are writing about this at all is so 2019, just putting that out there.


Careful, Twitter seems to be locking or suspending people for this!


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