In the last couple of years, pro-aborts have been claiming that it’s easier to buy a gun than to have an abortion in this country … yeah, we know, it’s stupid. They don’t think life begins at conception so we’re not dealing with the brightest crayons in the box ANYWAY.

Because you know, it’s SUPER easy to buy a gun in this country. Heck, there are people on street corners just giving them away for free.

Welp, ask and you shall receive because that’s exactly what is happening with abortion in Wyoming, they’re making it similar to buying a gun. And what a rude awakening for NARAL:

Mandatory wait periods to kill your unborn child?! THE HORROR.

From Wyoming Public Media:

A bill restricting women’s access to abortion received initial approval Tuesday from the House Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 140 requires a woman seeking an abortion to first meet with a provider and then wait 48 hours before terminating her pregnancy.

The bill was introduced by Sheridan Representative Richard Tass. He told the committee that unlike a clothing purchase, women can’t change their minds about an abortion. He said the bill gives women time to consider the gravity of the decision.

Side note: This editor absolutely loves that this is happening in WYOMING.

And hey, they wanted it to be as EASY to get an abortion as it is to get a gun and gosh, wait periods come with buying a gun. Along with getting a license and passing a background check … when do we start making THAT the law around getting an abortion as well?

That too.


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