When elected officials, people who are technically ‘in charge’ of the government, start making broad statements about the type of people who shouldn’t be in ‘charge’ of the government we should mock the snot out of them.

Like this tweet about who shouldn’t be in charge of the government from Senator Brian Schatz which is just really dense.

Hate the government.


He just doesn’t get it.

But he IS a Democrat so there’s that.

That. ^

All day THAT.

You’d think someone who LOVES government would have a conflict of interest if they were in charge of it, yes?

See Obama.

Awww Coolidge. He was so rad and he totally understood what the scope of government SHOULD be. He also knew that any taxation beyond what was absolutely necessary was THEFT but we digress.


Washington knew the dangers of government and the two-party system.

We should’ve listened.

Most of it.


Those darn Founding Fathers and their darn ideas of liberty and freedom!



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