As Twitchy readers know, there is FAR MORE to the story spreading like wildfire about the Covington Catholic school kids allegedly attacking and harassing a Native American man. The full two-hour raw video shows they did not approach the protester, they did not surround him, they did not call him names and they did not chant. But since the media is the media they ran full throttle with the narrative that these privileged white kids were the villains.

Especially because one of them was wearing a MAGA hat.

That’s really his main crime here, but we digress.

Kathy Griffin is looking to doxx these kids … you’d think she’d have learned her lesson with the whole beheading the president thing but nope. She’s still awful.

Well, well, well, look at Kathy share the school’s information so these kids can be harassed.

Classy as ever.

Calling for their names.

The number of adults bullying a bunch of kids without having the full story because they can tie this to Trump is absolutely vile and ridiculous. But then again, we’re talking about Kathy Griffin, we suppose it would only be news if she wasn’t being vile and ridiculous.

People are trying desperately to get the whole video out so people can see what happened but we all know Kathy and the mob have their fresh red meat and sadly there’s no stopping them now.

Truth. Psh. That would get in the way of their agenda, silly. And the ‘Orange man BAD’ agenda is all that matters to Kathy and other sad, angry, bitter, people in the Resistance.


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