As Twitchy readers know, Twitter was full of peeps sharing their heartfelt stories about dealing with the TSA as a response to Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s ridiculous story about the woke TSA agent she tweeted out a couple of days ago:

‘Don’t stop fighting. Keep it up.’


Ben Shapiro shared a fairly touching and patriotic moment with TSA of his own:


So MOST people understood this was a joke because most people aren’t thin-skinned, angry, emotional, looking-for-a-reason-to-be-outraged Leftists … like Adam Best.

Who didn’t seem to get the joke.



It’s a JOKE.


Ben responded:

Seems ol’ Adam still didn’t get it.

Holy crap, right?

Oh yeah, Adam is the guy who claimed Pence was a homophobe who looked uncomfortable swearing in Kyrsten Sinema who is openly bisexual, which was clearly not the case if and when you watched the video.

But hey, he keeps getting back up on that horse or something, right?

Ok, sometimes Twitter is still fun.



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