It’s good to know that Senator Mazie Hirono is asking the important questions of Barr today … and yes, we are being completely sarcastic. After the crap she, Dianne Feinstein, and Kamala Harris tried to pull with Brett Kavanaugh, we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that her line of questioning went here but man, this is just so tired.

Holy Hell.

And some people think this is a good thing?

Thank you, senator, for being a huge sexist and making a mockery of those who have actually been sexually harassed or assaulted so you can push your narrative and pretend you’re fighting for women or something.

*eye roll*

This seems just sorta weird and creepy if you think about it.

Yuck. Really?

What he said.

We wouldn’t be opposed to that.

At all.

Most definitely.

By the way, Barr said no, he has never committed sexual assault or harassment.

And yes, everything is still stupid, in case you were wondering.


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