Seeing Shannon Watts’ Everytown lackeys being unable to answer a question about universal background checks other than to say they are basically useless when stopping gun violence may be our favorite thing EVER.

Watch (granted, this is sort of long but absolutely worth watching):

Did he really go the ‘Driver’s license’ route?

It’s not the perfect solution, it’s not the only solution, it’s a piece of the solution.


So basically the universal background check is useless when it comes to stopping criminals from getting guns. Which is what Second Amendment people have been saying for YEARS but we digress.

And c’mon, it was good of Alla to be honest.


Dude, RIGHT?!

Psh, join the club. At this point, it’s probably easier to list the people Shannon HASN’T blocked. It’s sort of her thing.

On that note, we did go look through Shannon’s timeline to see if she had a response for or about this video and yeah, that would be a no.

Which ultimately speaks VOLUMES.


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