Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs if not THE hardest job in the world. It takes an incredible amount of work and dedication raising quality human beings and anyone who tells you differently is full of bull.

But on the other hand, there is no job more fulfilling and rewarding than being a parent. None.

Not even being the director of Warcraft, like Duncan Jones, who for whatever reason took it upon himself to tell the world how he thought being a dad was ‘obviously not a good choice.’

Exhausting. Check.

Frustrating. Check.

Life-destabilizing … eh.

Rarely fun? BS

It’s hard. DEFINITELY.

But then he went and said it wasn’t a good choice … c’mon man. Of course, another blue check took his tweet a step further:

Good gravy who ARE these people?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Well, as you can imagine, other than this pretty disgusting tweet from this Twitter verified person, Duncan was called out in a BIG way. So you know, he explained that his tweet was poorly worded and that he actually loves being a dad and that it is really hard and that’s what he meant to say.

Oh, wait, no he didn’t.

He went with, ‘But Trump.’

Guess how this went over?

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real thing, folks.


This whole argument sort of took over Twitter last night, people complaining about how hard parenting is, some going so far as to admit having regret for being a parent. Luckily though, there were more parents out there who admitted it’s hard work but said they wouldn’t change a thing, and that their children were their heart and soul.

This thread stood out most of all though because it addressed the ‘regretful parents’:


More truth.

Love this tweet.

Yeah, champ.


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