It is certainly starting to seem like #NeverTrumpers are their own worst enemy, especially in the media.


And this editor writes that as a former #NeverTrumper herself … perhaps it’s time to stop talking down to people about Trump and start talking conservative values UP? Just a thought.

From the Washington Post:

In December, the Weekly Standard — regarded as among the premier conservative news outlets and certainly the one least under the spell of the current president — was closed by its owner, Clarity Media Group. The loss of a punchy, independent and thoughtful news outlet on the right was immediately felt in a media echo-sphere dominated by charlatans, sycophants and shallow posers.

Charlatans, sycophants, and shallow posers.

The irony of this statement alone …

Rubin interviewed Charlie Sykes, who this editor still has a good deal of respect for, about The Bulwark:

Jennifer Rubin: What’s the origin and purpose of the Bulwark?

Sykes: The Bulwark isn’t going to be The Weekly Standard 2.0, but the murder of the Standard made it urgently necessary to create a home for rational, principled, fact-based center-right voices who were not cowed by Trumpism. We were lucky to get some of the magazine’s most talented on-line personnel on board right away. Our mission is to be smart, conservative, non-tribal and to say out loud what too many conservatives only say in private. We also wanted to move quickly because the next few months may prove decisive.

So they’ve come up with a new outlet since The Weekly Standard closed its doors. Not sure treating Trump supporters like ignorant morons is the best way to garner an audience when that seems to have played a part in TWS losing readers but hey, what does this editor know, right?

But they rail against tribalism or something.

Paging Max Boot.


Nailed it.


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