Imagine the sh*tfit Don Lemon would have thrown if some right-leaning talking head had suggested Obama’s speeches be delayed so they could be edited for content … he’d be screeching racism from the top of his lungs.

But you know, since it’s Trump, censorship and keeping the people from hearing what THE PRESIDENT has to say is apparently ok.

Don’t make that face at us, we’re making fun of him.

Because that’s not fascist or anything, Don. FFS.

And when Chris Cuomo is the go-to on your network for common sense there is definitely a problem.


See what we mean?

Made us feel a little weird too.

That being said, we’re sure he’ll say or do something ridiculous here again soon and all will be set back to normal.

Could be many of his cohorts are so absolutely batsh*t that even he can see the bias.

This was seriously SO bad.

They’re firefighters and heroes and stuff … duh.

And they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.

Good times.


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