For years, Lefties have been calling anyone who doesn’t believe that man alone is powerful enough to control the environment, ‘climate deniers.’ Some of these tolerant, lovely, peaceful people have even said those who don’t agree with their ideas on climate change should go to jail.

You just know they’re a hoot at birthday parties.

Anyway, newly-elected badass Rep. Dan Crenshaw came up with a new term for anyone and everyone claiming a wall won’t work and that there isn’t a real problem at the border.

Looking at you, Nancy Pelosi:

Ok, add Rep. Dan Crenshaw to our list of spirit animals. Damn this was good.

So the next time one of these yahoos claims a wall won’t work or that there really isn’t an issue at the border you call them a BORDER DENIER, like a climate denier. Time to beat them at their own game for a change.

Make sure they know to vote for Democrats, duh.

This broad is all over the place.

The fact that it IS common sense means Democrats will never be onboard.

Common sense isn’t their thing.


At this point, if Trump says black Democrats will say white (and then find a way to call Trump racist).

It’s all about politics and power … not the people.

But what else is new, right?


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