Alyssa Milano fangirled pretty hard for Nancy Pelosi getting her gavel back in the House. Call us crazy but it seems like insanity to do the same things you’ve done before while hoping for a different result but hey, Democrats love their rich, old, white people.

Like Nancy.

For the people.


Side note: What is with all of ‘teeth-sucking’ Nancy does? Sheesh!

Well, then again, maybe she meant #ForThePeople in the spirit of the House being representative of the people? We really hope she wasn’t saying it was what ‘the people’ wanted because it’s not only Republicans who take issue with Speaker Pelosi. Truth be told, many on the Right wanted Pelosi because we knew it would cause a rift in the Democratic party between the dinosaurs and the new young bucks.

Resulting in them being even more of a dumpster fire than they’ve already been.

Don’t take our word for it.

Because she’s a Democrat, yes. An establishment Democrat who loves power and being rich.

Probably as much as if not more than even Trump.



Typos are FOREVER.

Ya’ think?

Seems quite a few people on the Left don’t really care for Nancy, Alyssa.

Just sayin’.

Tough crowd.


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