What IS it with Leftists thinking women have to be nasty or unlikable to be successful? Seriously. Remember how proud Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren were to be ‘nasty women’? Not that it did either of them any good so surely our befuddlement is no surprise.

Well NOW Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL, wants women to be unlikable.

We’re not entirely sure she knows what that words means but hey … she was rolling.

No, unlikable is just that, UNLIKABLE. Women can be strong, bright, and passionate without being as*holes. True story.

HA! We’re pretty sure Ted Cruz is a dude because of that beard HOWEVER we don’t want a bunch of moist-mouthed, angry, SJWs screeching at us for assuming ze’s gender so …

Folks on the thread had a good laugh at her tweet:


Insufferable works.


What a slobber-knocker!


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