The next time a Leftist insists there is no bias in traditional media, especially the New York Times, you send them this article wherein a former editor for the rag admits trashing Trump makes them money.

Yeah, we already knew they were playing politics to make bank (we get it) but they should stop pretending to actually be reporters and admit they’re nothing more than bloggers.

Or DNC propaganda pushers.

From Fox News:

A former executive editor of the New York Times says the paper’s news pages, the home of its straight-news coverage, have become “unmistakably anti-Trump.”

Jill Abramson, the veteran journalist who led the newspaper from 2011 to 2014, says the Times has a financial incentive to bash the president and that the imbalance is helping to erode its credibility.

Here’s where it gets juicy:

What’s more, she says, citing legendary 20th century publisher Adolph Ochs, “the more anti-Trump the Times was perceived to be, the more it was mistrusted for being biased. Ochs’s vow to cover the news without fear or favor sounded like an impossible promise in such a polarized environment.”

Abramson describes a generational split at the Times, with younger staffers, many of them in digital jobs, favoring an unrestrained assault on the presidency. “The more ‘woke’ staff thought that urgent times called for urgent measures; the dangers of Trump’s presidency obviated the old standards,” she writes.

More woke staff at the NYT.

Alrighty then.




That spin actually made this editor dizzy.



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