Good grief what is up with Ron Perlman? Seriously.

On Christmas day, Ron legitimately asked Trump supporters why they supported Donald Trump and to be honest, we thought maybe he was trying to turn over a new leaf and have a real discussion but then he tweeted this nonsense on the day AFTER Christmas and we decided he was NOT.

At all.

Seems he would rather dunk on Trump, color us NOT shocked.

Huh? We get what he’s trying to say here but eh.

Also, would someone pretty please with sugar on top tell Ron the ‘tough guy’ act is really tired and only makes it easier for us to make fun of him? Thanks. That and it only leads to typos and errors:

Maybe he had the hiccups when he wrote the tweet? Was sitting in a car and hit a speed bump?

Not to mention this is a subtweet since he didn’t bother to tag Trump.

Odds are he doesn’t really want Trump to see it, he’s just fluffing feathers for his followers like a tough guy.

We like Lil’ Ron for him, it works.


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