You’re going to need an extra large serving of popcorn before you watch this clip of Rep. Luis Guitterez flipping out about people saying Christmas and then in the next breath claiming Trump would share responsibility for killing the baby Jesus when questioning Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Neilsen.

Don’t look at us man, we didn’t say it.


This rant reminds us of the guy you avoid on the subway who talks to himself and needs a shower.

Wow. Don’t make eye contact, Kristjen.

Raging about Christmas and Jesus … he’s definitely a Democrat.

Shhh … he’s rolling.


This translates to, ‘Luis is a well-done donkey.’

That was Luis? Classy.

Color us shocked he hasn’t gone to Bible School. And gosh, he seems so well-versed.


Editor’s note: Kirstjen Nielsen’s name was misspelled, it has been corrected.


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