If you want to see textbook hypocrisy you need look no further than the way the Left is trying to destroy Tucker Carlson for comments he made about illegal immigrants while turning a blind eye to the open and obvious anti-Semitism from leaders of the Women’s March.

Then again, nobody does hypocrisy better than our friends on the Left but we digress.

From the National Review:

In the wake of this disarray, the group is planning its third March on Washington. The lack of basic organization is fairly evident: The Women’s March website has a sponsorship page that lists partners for the 2017 March on Washington rather than the one that took place this past January, and their press contact failed to answer National Review’s request for a full list of confirmed sponsors for the upcoming January 19 event.

National Review contacted more than 20 of the most prominent organizations among the listed sponsors, asking whether they’re sponsoring the Women’s March again in January and asking for comment on the anti-Semitism allegations levied in the Tablet report.

The vast majority of those 2017 sponsors never replied — including pro-abortion groups such as Emily’s List, NARAL, the National Organization for Women, and the National Abortion Federation; unions such as the ACLU, AFL-CIO, the SEIU, and the health-care union 1199SEIU; and progressive outfits such as the NAACP, GLAAD, MoveOn.org, and the Human Rights Campaign.

They never replied. Shocking.


They’re too busy painting Tucker as a bigoted, racist who hates orphans and kicks puppies.

It’s ridiculous.

Ok for me but not for thee.


Consistency from the media? Psh. Don’t be silly.

Ya’ don’t say.

‘Nuff said.


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