Last week, tragically a seven-year-old girl lost her life trying to ‘seek asylum’ with her father and of course, the Left and the media (psh, same thing) were quick to blame Trump and Border Patrol for her death even though we learned quickly CBP did everything they could to save her.

But you know, they’ve never been one to ignore a narrative, even when it’s grossly false and exploits the death of a child.

John Stanton (we never heard of him either but he has a blue check so you know, IMPORTANT or something) took this narrative a step further:

Funny how they didn’t blame the Border Patrol when this was happening under Obama. And it WAS.

From the Daily Caller:

In July 2016, Human Rights Watch condemned the Obama administration for 18 migrants who died while in the custody of USCBP, claiming that seven or more of the 18 died as the result of the agency’s “substandard” and “inappropriate” care for migrants at detention centers. The detainees who died then were between 24 and 49 years old.

Not that this makes the death of the seven-year-old girl any less tragic but give us a damn break. Not a peep from these sanctimonious idjits while this very thing was happening under Obama or other presidents.

It’s also funny how ol’ John here doesn’t acknowledge how dangerous and awful it is for parents to drag their young children across Mexico either because America is BAD ya’ know!

This is so damn tiresome.

But Trump!


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