One of the many things Twitter has taught this editor over the past several years she’s been on the platform (yeah, that’s just sad) is that if you want people to stop doing something, asking them to stop doing it on Twitter will have the complete opposite effect.

Every time.

Even if you say please.

GQ correspondent, Julia Ioffe, learned this the hard way although to be honest, being wished a Merry Christmas over and over again even if you don’t celebrate the holiday doesn’t seem all that horrible but eh, what do we know?

That she thinks people wishing her a Merry Christmas is just about the holiday she doesn’t celebrate says so much about her and all of it’s pretty darn sad. People don’t wish someone a Merry Christmas because of the day, they wish them a Merry Christmas because of the season and the joy it brings. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to appreciate the love and goodwill from your fellow man this time of year.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and remember how we mentioned up there about never asking people to stop doing something on Twitter? About that …

EVERY one!

Sh*tter’s full!


Imagine being upset because people wish you a Merry Christmas.


Maybe her goal was to actually GET people to wish her a Merry Christmas because if so, she succeeded BIG TIME.

PS: Merry Christmas, Julia 🙂


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