Attention white Democrat dudes, be forewarned that Amy Siskind will not support ANY of you during the Democratic primary. Because apparently, even though a woman named Hillary Clinton got her tail handed to her by the most unpopular candidate in modern history, Siskind still thinks women (and minority men) are the answer for the party.

Notice she doesn’t seem to care much about ideas, knowledge, experience, or ability …  just those good ol’ identity politics.

Sorry, Beto, Bernie, Biden (that’s a lotta B’s!) even though you are the most popular candidates currently, Siskind says no go.


Hey, whatever helps her sleep better at night.

Yeah, Democrats, you’re all a bunch of sexists and racists too!

Well, maybe if Stacey Abrams played a little more air guitar and rode a skateboard around a fast food parking lot she too would be super popular.

Sooo … white men who are Democrats are BAD.

Got it.

Seems a good many Democrats disagree with Siskind’s thread:

Wouldn’t hold your breath there, punkin.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.


Psh, as if.

Crazy talk.

And of course, the Right got a few jabs in as well.

LULZ indeed.


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