We see a lot of crazy shiznit on Twitter … c’mon, we cover people like Tom Arnold so we see CRAZY crazy stuff but to be honest, we may have never seen a sitting state senator tell someone to kill themselves.

No, we’re not making this up. Sidenote, it’s good to know even WE can still be shocked sometimes. Heh.

Take a look.

Ok, so Senator Kevin Parker deleted it BUT other tweeps were good enough to grab it for us.

Gotta love those screenshots.

This truly may be a first for Twitchy.

Wowza. Bummer, Kev, tweets are forever no matter how quickly you delete them.

But hey, he sincerely apologizes:

Wonder if people are taking his apology seriously.

Guess not.

Calling someone a dirty word is a poor choice of words. Telling them to kill themselves?

Yeah, that’s more than just a poor choice of words, Kev.

Seems a good start.

Wow, when even Democrats are calling him out.

Words have meaning, Kev. Sorry, not sorry.


Editor’s note: A deleted tweet featuring the “Kill yourself!” screenshot was removed from this post and replaced with a new one.


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