The details Sharyl Attkisson shared about what happened when she requested photos from the White House taken the night of the Benghazi attack is absolutely infuriating. Trust us, you’ll be making the same cranky face after you read her tweets …

For starters, sounds like the Department of Defense refused to produce the ‘After Action’ Benghazi report to members of Congress.

Still not provided.


What the heck is Congress waiting for?!

Wait, don’t answer that.

Soooo hold up. Sharyl asked for the photos, she was told she would have them by the end of the day, then she was told Josh Earnest of all people had to clear them … and then she never heard back on them.


Congress gave up.

Republicans have had held the three branches of government since 2016 … WTAF?!


That would be awesome.

Not if your name was Hillary.


We will #NeverForget.


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