Kimberley Strassel has been on point with her reporting on the Flynn case and what has been happening (and what may have likely happened) with the FBI. She took a few moments yesterday to take the media to task for working overtime to somehow exonerate the FBI even as we discover things may have been shady AF while Obama was still president.

Wait, the media is missing the point? Inconceivable!


It seems like … oh we dunno … maybe entrapment?

Hey, this editor is the furthest thing from an expert on ANY of this (which is why most of her efforts are spent sharing other people’s tweets) but this all sounds pretty damn suspicious.

Interesting take on this. She’s not arguing that Flynn didn’t lie, she’s arguing that he wasn’t made aware that he was being interviewed and he was told he didn’t need a lawyer. That (in this editor’s opinion) is the key point.

Something strange was definitely afoot at the Circle K, yup.

Full transparency, this editor would have included more tweets on the thread but the majority of them are people on the Left threatening Kim’s career and telling her she’s on the wrong side of history and yeah, you guys read enough of that crap already. Probably because Tommy Vietor went after her and that brings all the whack to the yard …

What’s that old saying about how they always go after the people who are over the target?


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