Mental note, do NOT tick Sarah Sanders off.

Like ever.

She can be VICIOUS (and often times rightfully so), as James Comey and the Republicans found out yesterday when Trump’s press secretary tweeted this:

Tremendous corruption.

Shameless fraud.

Gosh Sarah, tell us how you really feel.

Oh yeah, and boom.

Sarah’s blasting of Comey (of course) triggered our good, delicate, tolerant friends on the Left. We know, you’re shocked.

Yes, Comey does seem a bit psychotic.

OH, he meant Sarah, our bad.


Shame on Sarah? Why for?

Yes, that’s what she said.

Anyone else feel like the country has been ‘destroyed’ for two years and counting and we’re still here? Perhaps we should inform the Left that they can only screech that the sky is falling so many times before we totally tune them out.

See what we mean?

Man, the only person who triggers the Left more than Sarah is her boss, Trump.

At this point, it’s fair to say it would be more newsworthy if the Left wasn’t flipping out like a bunch of frothy drama queens … sheesh.


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