We cover Democrats saying a lot of silly and even shocking, scary things, it’s a big part of what we do every day. But to see these shocking quotes put together in one tweet is truthfully a little intimidating even though we covered who said these things and when they said them.

Separately, not all together.

Maj Toure made an excellent point all while scaring the crap out of us, which is what we think he was trying to do in the first place:

Dems say a lot of horrible stuff and what’s scary is they think it’s a good thing; Swalwell pretended his nuke ‘joke’ was awesome for days, even after he was called out for it.

And yes, more times than we can count we’ve seen plenty of people say, ‘Our govt. wouldn’t do that.’

Which is why we wrote about it, yup.

Scratch a Democrat …

Crazy talk. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

That’s a hard pass from us as well.



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