Welp, we haven’t written about Chelsea Handler in a good while and looking at this tweet from her about what an indictment actually is it’s no big loss. Oh sure, she’s good for a laugh or five, but not because she tells jokes …

Unless you consider that she’s the joke here.

Why on Earth did she think lecturing Trump supporters about ANYTHING was a good idea, let alone something like indictments:

Trump supporters follow her?


Lucky for Chelsea, tweeps were more than happy to educate Chelsea about indictments.

Hey, it’s Heather! You know, the rad Conservative chick we cover sometimes.

And boom.

Funniest thing she’s said in years, right?


They said please.

Well, clearly, that ham sandwich was a Trump supporter.

Quiet you with all your facts and stuff.

Good advice for Chelsea.

If only.

Nailed it.


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