We’re not entirely sure what CNN legal analyst (whatever the heck that means) Renato Mariotti thought picking a fight with Kimberley Strassel would accomplish but all he really did was make a smug, a*s of himself.

And seriously, what else would you expect because you know, CNN? *shrug*

Kimberley fired back:

In other words, people like Kimberley take issue with law enforcement abusing its powers when it comes to all Americans, not just certain groups and not just when a Democrat is in office. To be fair, Kimberley was far nicer than this editor would have been …

Alan Dershowitz also spoke up:

Indeed but hey, Trump.

Or something.

Enter Buck Sexton …

We’re shocked. SHOCKED!

And to drive this point home, the amount of vitriol and hate on Kimberley’s thread is … well, it’s typical but still, look at this:

Oooh, those brave NFL players.

This one from ‘Chet’ though is this editor’s favorite:

Wow. Stay classy, dude.

What these yahoos failed to realize is that over and over again they proved her point, by pointing out how much they care about the civil liberty of one group while ignoring the civil liberties of all other groups.

And they thought they were somehow dunking on her and putting her in her place.



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