Earlier this year, Dick’s Sporting Goods took it upon themselves to pander to a group of people who don’t shop in their stores anyway by taking virtue-signaling up a notch with their new anti-gun stance. Since this monumental misstep, the sporting goods chain has had abysmal sales numbers and it sounds like it’s only getting worse:

From FreeBeacon:

Dick’s Sporting Goods told investors during the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference that its gun-control stance hurt sales of its hunting business, outdoors business, and that it may close its outdoor-focused Field & Stream stores.

The company said it may soon close down their entire Field & Stream chain of 35 stores across 18 states.

“My sense is that we can either take a look at closing that store, that concept or reconceptualizing it into a more of an outdoor type concept, and we’re taking a look at all of these things and by the end of—the peak of the hunting season is coming up in—and basically, the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth quarter and as we move into the end of the fourth quarter, we’ll make a decision as to what we’re going to do,” Stack said.

Womp womp.


Yummm … hate chicken is DELICIOUS. Especially with pickles.

Our thoughts exactly.

What did they THINK was going to happen?


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