Whoa, Nelly! Sparks flew when Donald Trump met with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to discuss border security funding and keeping the government ‘open.’

Seems it got so intense that Chuck ‘cried uncle’:

What, Chuck doesn’t want America to see this debate?

Heck, even Trump admitted he would take responsibility for the shutdown.

And speaking of crying uncle seems Nancy also wanted to debate this in private …

Yeah, Nancy, what about transparency? What is she trying to hide?

Trump was really giving her all sorts of Hell … heh. And Democrats wondered why the GOP wanted her to be the speaker.

Nah, they’re all far too busy pretending Trump is impossible to deal with and that he’s a big meanie for being willing to take responsibility for shutting the government down over border security.

Get your popcorn, THIS is gonna be good.


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