Color us shocked, a Democrat is freaking out over the government possibly being shut down.

It is their bread and butter, their reason for living, their water and air so we suppose Dems like Rep. Eric Swalwell do panic at the idea of their ‘god’ being shut down. But if the government isn’t working for and by the will of the people why should it stay open?

It’s almost as if Eric is trying to out-stupid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And the fact that he wants to ‘control’ the government is the best reason TO shut it all down. Yikes.

Eric will never, ever, live down his ‘joke’ about nuking people who refused to give up their firearms.

Oh, that’s right, Obama shut it down and then shut down the veteran’s memorials to punish Republicans. Good times.

Right? The legislation to build the wall passed over a decade ago, it’s time to get it done.


So there!


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