We think it’s safe to say that Van Jones took Hillary Clinton and her campaign to the shed in this speech.

See for yourself:

‘They took a billion dollars and set it on fire.’

‘That wasn’t a campaign. It was a boondoggle. And now they want us to fight over the money.’

Then he said …

‘You’ve got to give the money back to the PEOPLE.’

Wow. Gosh, Hillary,  seems it wasn’t just Wisconsin that cost you the election.

America was smarter than the Clintons.

So. Much. This.

Perfect and painful.

*adjusts tinfoil hat just a little*

And of course, since Van Jones dared call out their Queen, the Hillary bots were out in full force:

Yes, clearly Van Jones is a Trump plant.

These people.

Hillary who?

Word salad, yummy yummy.

They get so mad.

Mainly because Van is right.


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