As Twitchy reported (thanks to Sharyl Attkisson), Comey seemed more than a tad bit forgetful during his testimony about a plethora of details, especially when it came to the FISA court and various investigations that were supposedly done while he was in charge of the FBI.

Seems an odd thing to forget, doncha think?

He knew.

Of course, he knew.

Maybe he just forgot he knew. OR he knew he needed to forget that he knew … this could get confusing.

But he did know.

And we know he knew.

And he knows we know he knew.

Good ol’ Adam Schitt … err … Schiff.

That will never get old.

He was more than happy to blame some right-wing outlet, yup.

We’re not sure ‘amazing’ is the word that we would use but it works.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

But even we can tell something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

Stay tuned.


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